iOS DjVu and PDF Reader.

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BiLibre is the application for reading and cataloging books, textbooks, reference books and documents in DjVu and PDF formats in a modern, user-friendly style. Designed mainly for working with technical, scientific and educational literature.

Comfortable reading mode

  • Crops a page margins in manual and automatic mode.
  • Themes, color schemes for reading (day, night, sepia and more).
  • Page turn with scroll, curl and slide.

Powerful annotations

  • Notes, stickers and scraps.
  • Drawn annotations (Apple Pencil support and just by touching).
  • Exports annotations in HTML, PDF, RTF formats.
  • Synchronization of annotations and drawings in iCloud.
  • Unified view and management of all annotations in all the books at once.

Built-in the summary editor

  • Markdown formatting.
  • Exports summaries in HTML, PDF, RTF formats.
  • Synchronization of summaries in iCloud.

Advanced features for DjVu

  • Text recognition of pages in DjVu (for documents without OCR layer).
  • Splits a scanned double-page spread in DjVu into separate pages.

Working with fragments of text

  • Translation of separate words or complete sentences in different languages.
  • Full text searching in a book (textual, fuzzy and regular).
  • Built-in search for a selected text on the Internet, Wikipedia and Wolfram|Alpha.
  • Search for a word definition in a dictionary.
  • Text-to-speech in books.
  • Smart zoom by double-tap.


  • Grouping by categories: by authors, subjects, sequences, publishers, tags, popular, recent, new, read and reading now.
  • Using tags to categorize documents.
  • Customizable search for books in the library by various metadata fields in different modes.
  • Search for textbooks on the Internet through, Library Genesis and Google.
  • Own folders tree and flexible bookshelf settings for layout and sorting.
  • Arranging books on a bookshelf by dragging.

Working with a metadata and a table of contents of a book

  • Automated extraction of a metadata from PDF and DjVu.
  • Convenient editing of a metadata.
  • Editing and creating a table of contents in manual and automatic mode.
  • Synchronization of a metadata and a table of contents in iCloud.


  • Locally on the device.
  • In the Cloud Storage (iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Yandex Disk).
  • Content server for accessing files on the device via a local network.
  • Import files from shared folders in the local network.
  • Export files.


  • Search for a missing metadata in the Google Scholar and Library Genesis.
  • Exporting the Library Catalog in BibTeX format.
  • Development of the dashboard for full support of annotations and summaries.
  • Text-only (reflow) mode in PDF.
  • Tags auto assignment.
  • iOS 11 Files App integration.
  • iOS 11 Drag & drop supports.
  • Undoing files deletion (if possible).
  • Better OCR and OCR in PDF.
  • Drawn annotations - more accurate and smooth.
  • And more on.

Special remark for KyBook users

BiLibre is created on the code base of the currently developing third KyBook. Unlike KyBook, BiLibre is intended only for working with PDF and DjVU documents. One of the goals of the BiLibre release - to receive feedbacks and comments about the proposed design and feature set in nextgen KyBook. Please feel free to share your suggestions and impressions about the future of KyBook.


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